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The New Me

I'm making changes.

I'm taking back my life; it's mine to live.

It's scary how much "society" and "others" shape our actions and attitude. How we tell ourselves all the time who we should be and what we should do, ignorant or even ashamed of who we really are. So through a flawed medium, we end up getting in our own way to Happiness.

If you'd rather some ancient wisdom on the matter, Tantra Yoga puts forward four indications when it comes to doing Life right:

1. Joy: Is your Heart light?

2. Fearlessness: Do you approach your own limitations and life fearlessly?

3. Growth: Do you have the capacity to transform and change old habits?

4. Fulfillment: How narrow is the gap between your intentions and your manifestations?

In Yogi Aaron's wise words, eliminate the words "failure" and "success" from your vocabulary. What matters is doing what you love, and if it turns into something, great! If not, so what? It doesn't serve you to validate your own feelings of insecurity. It helps looking at all your experiences as gifts.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

All my life, I have been living in the past and the future, always running away from something, and running towards something else.

Never really satisfied. Never really present.

Then I found myself about to take decisions I had always dreaded. And that was when I finally gave myself an intervention.

I went back to reconsidering my Mission. I realised I had lost my Light, my Passion. I knew I had to take a step back and find myself.

And so I found myself in Costa Rica. Working for a tourist retreat, an NGO, a community center, or whatever you want to call it. I call it Home. Because I helped me connect with my worthiness, my confidence, my Love.

"Be kind, compassionate, and loving."

I now realise that I had misinterpreted the meaning of being a good person, and for a long time I had shut down my capacity to receive.

I always felt fulfilled when helping others, but then I started pleasing others, looking for the same high, and in the end I found a deep low.

So I'm changing that: I still know that I need to help bring positive change in the world, so, from now on, I'll do so properly. Helping does not always feel comfortable, but it feels right.

And I am choosing to treat myself with honesty and respect. From now on, I'm helping myself first, repleting his energy and satisfying his needs, so as for him to be able to then give away from the Light that's overflowing.

The past is the past; let's turn the page and start writing on a new one today.

The New Me is not a stranger to the Old Me. He's his evolution. He is closer to the Real Me, who was always there, hidden behind masks and labels.

I am not discarding my past; I am acknowledging it, I am proud of it, I am holding on to its teachings and Heart-warming memories. And I am shifting, redirecting my Me. I refuse to be my biggest obstacle any more.

I choose Happiness. I let go of that which does not serve me. I am free.

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