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Distant Socialising: Staying Connected in an era of Social Distancing


Hi there! I hope you're healthy, strong, and optimistic.

I'm in Barcelona, Spain, and we're all locked up inside, just allowed to go do grocery shopping and then come back home.

It's a very bizarre situation but I make the most of it by resting, practising, working from home, catching up with some reading, and taking care of myself.


With all the yoga studios closed, I am now offering daily one-hour classes online, in the afternoons of Tuesday to Sunday (Monday being my Day of Silence).

This way we can all meet together from all corners of the world and practise virtually in order to take care of our physical health, our mental health, and our need to be social.

Find the schedule below.


TUESDAY, 19:00 - Power Vinyasa (EN)

WEDNESDAY, 17:30 - Raja Yoga (EN)

THURSDAY, 19:00 - Power Vinyasa (ES)

FRIDAY, 17:30 - Backbend & Inversion Conditioning (EN)

SATURDAY, 13:00 - Yogic Routine & Daily Rituals (EN)

SUNDAY, 13:00 - Beginners' Yoga (EN)

The classes last for one hour each and the above times are Central European Times (Spain, GMT +1).


All classes are one-hour long and available both through Instagram Live Stories and via ZOOM (more details below). While most of the classes are in English, the Thursday Power Vinyasa class is in Spanish.

Power Vinyasa: Physically-demanding classes where we synchronise breath with movement. Modifications are given so that all ages and fitness levels can benefit.

Raja Yoga: A slower class introducing more classical practices that focus on the energetic effects of poses as well as different meditation and breathing techniques.

Backbend & Inversion Conditioning: A strong class with a variety of exercises that help open up the chest and build the strength for upside-down balancing.

Yogic Routine & Daily Rituals: An interactive class where I introduce different everyday practices that help maintain a good quality of life and an uplifted spirit.

Beginners' Yoga: A class for everyone where we go back to the basics. Modifications are again given so that all ages and fitness levels can take something away from the class.


There are two ways to follow the classes live:

  • Instagram Live Stories

As soon as a class starts, you can click on my profile picture on Instagram and you'll be able to see me teaching live!

On Thursdays, you'll actually have to click on the profile picture of YogaOne Marina, as I will be teaching on their Instagram account. I repeat that those classes are taught in Spanish, but, even if you don't speak the language, you can still see what I'm doing and practise along :)


  1. To watch Instagram Live Stories from your laptop, you'll have to download this app.

  2. Make sure you're following @thecypriotyogi

  3. For the Thursday classes, make sure you're following @yogaonemarina

  • The ZOOM platform:

Alternatively, ZOOM is another easy way to connect to the classes. It is a platform for group video conferences (similar to Skype), which means that you have the option of letting me see you while you are practising (if you choose to share your video).

My classes will be open to everyone, which means you need no password and you can just click on the links below at the times of the classes and you'll automatically be in class!

  1. Tuesdays, 19:00-20:00 -

  2. Wednesdays, 17:30-18:30 -

  3. Thursdays, 19:00-20:00 -

  4. Fridays, 17:30-18:30 -

  5. Saturdays, 13:00-14:00 -

  6. Sundays, 13:00-14:00 -

The above times are Central European Times (Spain, GMT +1).

There are two ways to watch the classes after they take place live:

  1. The classes will still be available for watching on the relevant Instagram accounts for 24 hours after they take place.

  2. At the end of every week, I will be uploading the classes onto my YouTube account for anyone who would like to find the videos later on.


The classes are freely available. I understand that we are all affected in a way or another by the current situation, and the intention behind these classes is to ask for and encourage more optimism and kindness.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, you can make a donation either directly to my bank account:

  • Account number: BE08 3770 8432 9413


  • Bank: ING

Or through PayPal:

  • Indicatively, an amount of 5 euros for a class would really be appreciated, but it is completely up to you to offer as little or as much as you decide, bearing in mind that the current situation is a real burden on self-employed people's earnings.

Financially committing is at your complete discretion. What's for sure is that I would love to have you onboard so we all upgrade our physical, emotional, and mental health together during the challenges of the current reality.

I would also love it if you spread the word! As explained above, access is open to everyone, and, the more like-minded people virtually together, definitely the merrier! Thank you :)

Be smart, be safe, enjoy life!

"Alex has a different approach to yoga postures that makes them more accessible to everyone."

"There was a beautiful energy during the virtual class. Alex offered me the space to internalise what was happening in my body and in my mind. He teaches with honesty and compassion."

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