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Corporate Yoga.

At your Offices or Via Zoom


*Daily or Weekly sessions of 10 to 60 minutes

*Option of longer-duration workshops with specific intention

*In person or via conference call


Breathing techniques to:

*deal with stress, anxiety, and pressure;

*bring sense of calm and grounding;

*boost confidence and overall wellbeing.

Stretching, mobility, and strengthening exercises to:

*counter the physical burdens of office work;

*teach proper sitting and standing positions;

*strengthen lower back, wrists, neck, etc.;

*bring relief from daily physical pains, stomachaches, nausea and headaches.

Meditation practices to:

*help ground down and focus;

*clear up the mind of counterproductive chatter;

*boost creativity and outside-the-box thinking;

*redirect undivided focus towards work objectives.


*Improve Physical and Mental Health

*Reduce Sick Leaves

*Decrease levels of Stress and Anxiety

*Uplift Mood and induce Positive Attitude

*Strengthen Focus and Clarity

*Build up Team Spirit and Faith in Common Goal

*Increase Productivity and Motivation for Work


"It is an extremely fun and relaxing activity. The instructor is very kind and helpful. After only the first class, it was the most relaxed I felt in months!"

- Employee at Foody Cyprus

"I had times when I went into the yoga classes of Alex with great anxiety. I could not calm down beforehand not even with meditation. Or I was rushing as I was late. Alex has this perfect ability of instructing a class with a winner combination of what yoga is about for me. A little bit of spirituality, a great physical exercise and a moving meditation. I always came out of his classes happier, more positive and satisfied. He is the best teacher I have come across in the past years among at least a dozen people, I always look forward to his classes very much and wouldn't miss any."

- Judit Palinkas, 39, Entrepreneur/Supply Chain professional, at Demium Barcelona

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