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ENGLISH: This variety of daily hourish-long practices in English and Spanish promote physical and mental wellbeing. The sessions involve physical yoga exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation exercises, and aim at achieving holistic health and unconditional happiness. Every body is welcome, no exceptions. Come as you are!

CASTELLANO: Esta variedad de prácticas diarias en ingles y castellano de una hora y cuarto de duración promueven el bienestar físico y mental. Las sesiones incluyen ejercicios de yoga físico, ejercicios de respiración y ejercicios de meditación, y tienen como objetivo lograr una salud integral y una felicidad incondicional. Todo el mundo es bienvenido, sin excepciones. ¡Ven tal como eres!


  • 09:15-10:30 Parque de la Ciutadella


  • 19:00-20:15 Indoors, close to Plaza Cataluña


  • 09:15-10:30 Parque de la Ciutadella

  • 19:00-20:15 Indoors, close to Plaza Cataluña


  • 18:30-19:45 Indoors, close to Plaza Cataluña


  • 09:30-10:30 Vinyasa Yoga (cada 2 semanas)

YogaOne Aragó-Eixample

  • 11:30-13:30 Master Class in a Small Group

Indoors, close to Plaza Cataluña OR at the beach, when the weather allows


  • 9:30-10:30 Slow Vinyasa (cada 2 semanas)

YogaOne Aragó-Eixample

All the details.




Our classes are inspired in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with strong focus on breath and muscle activations. This builds awareness, strength and mobility for the practitioner and helps stabilise the body in a way that is safe and effective for the improvement of the practitioner's physical, emotional and mental health.

All levels are welcome to the classes. The classes are quite demanding physically and there are also challenges so that the practitioners keep getting stronger at all levels. At the same time, taking it easy is encouraged when a student needs it and modifications are always available.

The small group setting of most classes allows for a personalised approach that meets every individual where they currently are to help them get where they need to get. Don't hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp so you reserve your spot and join a class in person or online: +34 600 09 47 50 (Alex)



Nuestras clases están inspiradas en Hatha Vinyasa Yoga con un fuerte enfoque en la respiración y la activación muscular. Esto genera conciencia, fuerza y movilidad para el practicante y ayuda a estabilizar el cuerpo de una manera segura y efectiva para mejorar la salud física, emocional y mental del practicante.

Todos los niveles son bienvenidos. Las clases son bastante exigentes físicamente y siempre hay retos para que los practicantes sigan fortaleciéndose en todos los niveles. Al mismo tiempo, se recomienda tomarse las cosas con calma cuando un alumno lo necesita y siempre hay modificaciones disponibles.

El entorno de grupos pequeños permite un enfoque personalizado que se adapta a cada individuo en su situación actual para ayudarlo a llegar a donde necesita llegar. No dudes en contactar con nosotros por WhatsApp para reservar tu plaza y apuntarte a una clase presencial u online: +34 600 09 47 50 (Alex)


You only need comfortable clothes and a Yoga mat.

Solo necesitas ropa comoda y una esterilla.



These are the indicative prices:

1 single class (weekdays) = 10

1 class per week = 30 per month (= 4 within 30 days)

2 class per week = 50 per month

Unlimited classes = 60 per month


1 master class (2-hour practice on Saturday) = 15

5 master classes (valid for 60 days) = 60


You are also contributing by spreading the word and bringing along your friends!



Estos son los precios orientativos:

1 clase suelta (entre semana) = 10

1 clase por semana = 30 por mes (= 4 en 30 días)

2 clases por semana = 50 por mes

Clases ilimitadas = 60 por mes


1 clase magistral (práctica de 2 horas el sábado) = 15

5 clases magistrales (válido por 60 días) = 60


¡También estás contribuyendo haciendo correr la voz y trayendo a tus amigos!




If you are interested, message me on Instagram or WhatsApp me your number at +34 600 09 47 50 and I will add you to the relevant WhatsApp group - that way you receive the latest information and you let me know when you are coming.

/ Si estás interesado, envíame un mensaje por Instagram o por WhatsApp al +34 600 09 47 50 y te agregaré al grupo de WhatsApp correspondiente; así recibirás la información más reciente y me avisarás cuando vengas.


Live Online Classes.

On Zoom. / Conéctate por Zoom a cualquier de las clases de arriba.

Most of the group classes above are live streamed on ZOOM.

Write to me on Instagram or WhatsApp me on +34 600 09 47 50 to receive the Meeting ID and all the info.

The financial contribution for joining online is currently at 30% off the usual price (see above).

Also, bear in mind that:

  • More than 50 one-hour full classes taught during lockdown have now been uploaded to the The Cypriot Yogi YouTube channel.

  • I continue coaching clients and teaching private, corporate, and group yoga via Zoom on a personalised level.

  • Also, if you'd like to commit into a profound life upgrade, check out my online courses!


  1. Beginners' Yoga: A class for everyone where we go back to the basics. Modifications are again given so that all ages and fitness levels can take something away from the class.

  2. Power Vinyasa: Physically-demanding classes where we synchronise breath with movement. Modifications are given so that all ages and fitness levels can benefit.

  3. Raja Yoga: A slower class introducing more classical practices that focus on the energetic effects of poses as well as different meditation and breathing techniques.

  4. Mobility & Conditioning: A class with various exercises that help open up the body and build overall strength.

  5. Kids Yoga: A shorter class tailored for kids of all ages, aiming at improving body and breath performance and awareness, as well as introducing the students to the practice and benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

  6. Yogic Routine & Daily Rituals: An interactive class where I introduce different everyday practices that help maintain a good quality of life and an uplifted spirit.

To watch and follow dozens of classes already taught, and to get notifications on new recorded classes, subscribe to the The Cypriot Yogi YouTube channel!


The financial contribution for joining one of our live classes online is currently at 30% off the usual price (see above).

The YouTube classes are freely available.

If you are in a position to contribute financially, you can make a donation:

Any contribution for the classes you practice online is really appreciated.

I would also love it if you spread the word! The more like-minded people virtually together, definitely the merrier! Thank you :)

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