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Private Sessions.

In person or via Zoom

Get to know the holistic life upgrade that a personalised Yoga practice can bring.

* 1-ON-1 YOGA: personalised physical and meditation practices with hands-on assists

90-minute personalised session that can focus on your:

  • Physical state: Improving alignment, strengthening, empowering, stabilising, comforting, stretching, and/or relaxing the beautiful body of yours so you're healthy to enjoy life!

  • Emotional state: Revitalising, motivating, balancing, centring, and/or calming your energy down so you're strong to enjoy life!

  • Mental state: Reinforcing your focus, confidence, clarity, patience, self-certainty, positivity attitude so your mind is clear to enjoy life!

* 90-DAY LIFE UPGRADE: 3-month package with personalised daily practices provided

90-minute personalised sessions once every 4 weeks that bring light to:

  • What's going on with you: Clarity on what you are going through and which areas of your life could use an upgrade!

  • Your Vision: Clarity on what you want in each area of your life!

  • Your Path: Daily practices of Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, and Self-Development that empower you and keep you on track so you lead a happy and healthy life on all levels!

* WHOLE-DAY COACHING: a morning-to-evening supervised routine that will reset your daily schedule according to your natural needs

14-hour personalised session (6am to 8pm) that includes:

  • Sunrise Meditation Practice

  • Morning Yoga Session

  • Afternoon Yoga Session

  • Evening Relaxation Session

  • Buying, cooking, and enjoying 3 meals in agreement with your natural needs

  • Teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic lifestyle that will help you adjust your day-to-day life in accordance with your natural state of balance, your natural state of Health and Happiness!

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