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Summer 2023 Retreat in Greece
Upcoming Manifestation Yoga Retreat in the gorgeous island of Amorgos
23 Jul, 14:00 – 30 Jul, 11:00
Aegialis Hotel & Spa,
Periferiakos Aegialis-Tholarion, Lagada 840 08, Greece
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“I was only here for a week but this was a powerful experience. Alex and Harley are incredible instructors and people - they guide and help you with understanding life questions and questions you have about yourself. The two of them together complement each other well and are embracing, warm, genuine, and strong people and create an experience to help you grow in every sense - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” 

- Alison, 25, Registered Nurse


"Alex and Harley helped me test my limits and inspired me to grow - not only in my yoga practice but also in the way I approach life. They are insightful, helpful, well-educated and organized throughout the entire week. I expected this week to be relaxing and restorative, and while it WAS those things, it was so much more. Because of them I have a greater sense of body awareness, improved posture and form in my yoga poses and I am feeling energized to carry what I learned here into my everyday life. The yoga lessons, manifestation workshops and guided meditations were life-changing for me and I'm so thankful for this experience. It surpassed all expectations."

- Mary, 28, Project Manager

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Choose wisely.


I know you're going through your struggles in life, challenges that some people can't even imagine.
I routinely see students and clients who feel stuck, unclear, powerless, in at least one area of their lives.
My favourite thing is seeing these people break out of their prison cell and live a happy and healthy life on all levels.

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My Mission.

Alexandros Liatsos.


I believe that it’s everyone’s right and responsibility to lead a happy and healthy life.

My passion is working with people so they upgrade their lives on all levels. Through physical, emotional, and mental practices, my students and clients get the clarity and focus needed so they realise their goals and higher visions. Success is the natural outcome of the commitment brought by these individuals and the clarity bestowed by the practices.

I’m not going to ask of you that you touch your feet to your head, whatever ‘touching your feet to your head’ might be for you. I’m just going to suggest to you that you start entertaining the possibility. You’re a phenomenal being and you deserve a phenomenal life.

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The journey of self-realisation.

I was following what seemed like a conventional path to becoming a Human Rights lawyer, with studies in England, France, and Belgium, and professional and volunteering work experience all around the world. Through Yoga, I found passion, was reminded of the meaning of life, and knew I had discovered a new platform and science through which I could be of service.

Now, with over a thousand hours of Yoga training and over a thousand additional hours of Yoga teaching under my belt, I promote a safe practice that applies ancient and modern traditions to my students' current realities, so they may impersonate the Health and Happiness that constitute their very right and responsibility by virtue of their birth.

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English, Spanish, and Greek

Yoga Classes.


This variety of daily hourish-long practices promote physical and mental wellbeing. The sessions involve physical yoga exercises, breathing exercises, and meditation exercises, and aim at achieving holistic health and unconditional happiness. Every body is welcome, no exceptions. Come as you are!


In person or Through video call

Private Sessions.

* 1-ON-1 YOGA: personalised physical and meditation practices with hands-on assists

* 90-DAY LIFE UPGRADE: 3-month package with personalised daily practices provided

* WHOLE-DAY COACHING: a morning-to-evening supervised routine that will reset your daily schedule according to your natural needs


At your Offices or Via Zoom

Corporate Yoga.

Breath and mobility sessions for employees of all ages and fitness levels to:
*Improve Physical and Mental Health
*Reduce Sick Leaves
*Decrease level