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Don't Fall For It: A 5-Step Guide to Dealing with Autumn Blues

Let's face it: however much sun cream you keep applying, there's no bringing summertime back.

Autumn (or Fall as they call it in the States) is always a time of the year which obliges us to do a reality check. We have had our fun, massacred our bank accounts, run away from our troubles, and now it's time to collect the pieces and deal with ourselves again.

With October knocking on the door, here are 5 ways to have a smooth transition into winter clothing this year:


I know you have a busy schedule. But that's no excuse for you to skip your physical exercise routine.

If at the end of a long work day you're exhausted, that's exactly why you should then do your hour-long workout: Physical exercise rejuvenates your body and mind, while it ensures a better night's sleep which will have you all fresh and ready for a new day at work!

If you need some help with that, it will be my pleasure to have you at a class at Yoga Glow or to virtually prescribe you a personalised physical exercise routine!


Just because the water might be freezing doesn't mean you're not allowed to go for beach walks any more. Alternatively, you can always explore your local park, a village on the hills, a mountain path, a forest...

Be spontaneous, gather a couple of uplifting people or go for an adventure alone. Fill your lungs with fresh air. Get lost in nature so you find yourself.

A similar spontaneous adventure is what we embarked on last week in Cyprus. I was on a weekend stay back home for a dear friend's wedding and we ended up organising a Yoga at the Winery event at Ktima Christoudia.

Let's stay connected on Facebook and Instagram so we keep co-creating such nourishing nature-loving experiences!


It's easy to blame external factors for the things that are not going the way we want.

As Will Smith eloquently puts it, however, just because something in your life is not your fault does not mean that it is not your responsibility. Take charge of your life and make things work!

It was such a pleasure for me to see my Bruges client in person last week and to track down his progress: in 6 months, he has taken all the right steps to ensure he works in fields he loves, he cherishes his family moments, he nourishes and respects his body and mind, and he devotes the time and energy to his craft that they deserve so he creates masterpieces.