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9 Reasons You Should Join our Manifestation Retreat!

It's official! The stunning Harley Rose and I are organising our first 'Harley & Alex Manifestation Retreat' next August! This means a lot of Yoga, a lot of delicious food, and a lot of unique experiences that will get you all recharged and rejuvenated for the new season!

So why is it that you should seize your opportunity to join THIS retreat? Here's 9 good reasons:


If you've been there before, no further explanation is needed!

If you've always considered Costa Rica as a destination that you could only visit in your dreams at night, then think again!

Here's your opportunity to visit paradise! And since pictures speak louder than words, here's where we're inviting you to come:


We are not just inviting you for a vacation retreat! We are putting hard work so that we provide teachings that will remind you

a) who you are,

b) what you want,

c) and how to get it!

We don't call it a Manifestation Retreat for nothing!

In the words of fellow Yoga instructor Cristina, owner of Osa Yoga:

"Harley and Alexandros are an inspiration to those they teach. They bring so much to their students, beyond the movement practice. A retreat with them is nothing less than life changing."

The question is: are YOU ready for this?


We have not chosen this beachfront resort just because it's pretty!

Harley and I have spent months at 'Blue Osa' training, volunteering, and teaching.

We know these grounds and we know these people. These powerful grounds have nurtured us and empowered us, and these caring people are family to us.

We can't wait to see the effects that paradise has on you and your lives, and we expect outmost respect from you as our guests and soon-to-be new members of our extended family!

Let this be a week of exploration, relaxation, and rejuvenation!


How often do you get the opportunity to be immersed in powerful Mother Nature while living the way famous celebrities get to live?

Leave all your cares aside and enjoy staying at mesmerising eco-friendly accommodations where daily housekeeping service is provided as well as up to four daily meals from the farm of Blue Osa!

Detox from your dependency on technology but at the same time rest assured that you may still access free wi-fi in the common area in the Cocina!

We'll be providing you with all the essentials, such as Yoga mats, Yoga props, and beach towels, and all you'll have to do is enjoy the practices as well as your time at the chlorine-free pool, the secluded jungle beach, and the resort's private walks and pavilions.


As former residents of the resort, we cannot stress enough how spoiled we felt when it came to food!

From something as simple as the handpicked tropical fruit selection to something as extravagant as the French chef's incomparable vegetable eggplant lasagna, our retreat is sure to leave your bellies full and happy, and your bodies strong and revitalised.

With up to four daily farm-to-table meals full of life force energy, you'll feel energised and inspired to raise your current food quality expectations and to level up your cooking game.

See more here: (warning: do not click on the link if hungry).


Seven days in paradise will be enough for you to displace some of your old habits and addictions with a new healthy routine that is appropriate for the majestic and brilliant individual that you are!

First of all we'll help you see the majestic and brilliant individual that you are!

And secondly you'll gain mental and muscle memory of a week packed with nutritious food, a balanced timetable, indulgent physical practices, and insightful meditation practices.

You will get to see what uplifts you and what depletes you, and we'll provide all the individualised tools needed so you keep up the life that serves you and your needs the best!


As indicated on our brochure,

"This retreat is directed towards all people of all levels of practice and all ages and capacities, as long as they have taken the conscious decision to be mentally ready to create their own reality. So come and let’s start manifesting ☺"

As long as you come with an open mind and the eagerness to upgrade every aspect of your life, you're bound to achieve major results! The Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Journaling, and other Manifestation practices that we will be sharing with you have proven to work 100% of the times for 100% of the people who commit 100% to them!

So start where you are! And commit physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially to the best life you can ever have!


Don't worry! You don't have to stay stuck in the heavenly resort unless you choose to!

Our retreat package includes a guided morning hike so you get to experience the rainforest and its wildlife in the company of a local expert!

Moreover, our package also includes a free farm tour at the extended premises of the resort centre, so that you come in direct contact with the soils and gardens that produce the nectar and ambrosia that will be arriving on your plates every day!

Last but not least, if you'd like to add more to your week, the possibilities are endless! There's always more amazing adventures you can sign up for, and you might choose to redeem the $50 spa gift certificate that we'll provide so you receive purifying facials, therapeutic body scrubs and wraps, acupuncture treatments and rejuvenating massages.

Welcome to paradise.


This is an all-inclusive one week package of indulgence, self-reflection, inspiration, and a perfect balance between movement and relaxation.

With the airport shuttle service to and from Puerto Jimenez also included in your package, all you'll have to do on your own is book your flights to and from the Puerto Jimenez airport on Saturday 3 and Saturday 10 August respectively.

And you're all set!

We thank you for trusting in us, and we commit to providing the best one-week journey to you and the rest of the marvellous individuals that we are sure to gather together!

And, in order to reward your own commitment to yourself by booking your place NOW, we are offering you a $300 discount!

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