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You deserve the best!

Get clarity over what THE BEST looks like for you.
Get the required confidence and focus to GO GET IT!

I know you've been to hell and back and I know you survived.
I know you've been through some rough patches in your life, stuff that some people can't even imagine.
I routinely see students and clients who feel stuck, unclear, powerless, in at least one area of their lives.
My favourite thing is seeing these people break out of their prison cell and live a happy and healthy life on all levels!


My Mission.

Alexandros Liatsos.

I believe that it’s everyone’s right and responsibility to lead a happy and healthy life.

I’ve invested what‘s almost been three decades in learning and teaching Happiness and Health, and I can tell you that it all boils down to YOU living YOUR life with the meaning YOU choose to give it. Deep inside you know what that meaning is and what message you are here to give to the world.

After my journeys around the world and the wisdom I’ve gathered through many fields of studies, trainings, projects, and professions, I've now established myself in Barcelona. Here, I work at different schools and studios with focus on Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Well-Being, Self-Development, and Self-Realisation.

In addition, one of my passions is working with people individually so they upgrade their lives on all levels. I coach clients in person as well as virtually, updating their daily routines with physical, emotional, and mental practices that provide the clarity and focus needed so they realise their dreams and higher visions. Success is the natural outcome of the commitment brought by these individuals and the clarity bestowed by the practices.

The moment you see in this picture was captured in Paris on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. I can assure you that touching my head with my feet in Paris on that sunny Tuesday afternoon did not result to Enlightenment of any kind. It did, however, come as a result of commitment and focus.

I’m not going to ask of you that you touch your head with your feet, whatever ‘touching your head with your feet’ might be for you. I’m just going to suggest to you that you start entertaining the possibility. You’re a phenomenal being and you deserve a phenomenal life.



The journey of self-realisation.

I was following what seemed like a conventional path to becoming a Human Rights lawyer, with studies in England, France, and Belgium, and professional and volunteering work experience all around the world. Through Yoga, I found passion, was reminded of the meaning of life, and knew I had discovered a new platform and science through which I could be of service.

Now, with over a thousand hours of Yoga training and over a thousand additional hours of Yoga teaching under my belt, I promote a safe practice that applies ancient and modern traditions to my students' current realities, so they may impersonate the Health and Happiness that constitute their very right and responsibility by virtue of their birth.


Barcelona, Spain

Group Classes.

* POWER YOGA: strong practice with inspiration from Hatha, Bikram, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

* BACKBEND CONDITIONING: a Jared McCann Yoga special that enhances overall strength, mobility, and flexibility so you may practise backbends with grace and control

* RAJA YOGA: the "eightfold path" that uses classical postures and practices to balance the practitioners' physical, emotional, and mental state so they attain self-realisation

* MEDITATION: cleansing, breathing, relaxation, and concentration practices with inpiration from Raja, Tantra, Classical Hatha, and Yoga Nidra

In-person or Through-video-call

Private Sessions.

* 1-ON-1 YOGA: personalised physical and meditation practices with hands-on assists

* 90-DAY LIFE UPGRADE: 3-month package with personalised daily practices provided

* WHOLE-DAY COACHING: a morning-to-evening supervised routine that will reset your daily schedule according to your natural needs

Online (in English and in Greek)

Life-Upgrade Packages.

* 40-DAY MEDITATION INTENSIVE: Eliminate self-doubt so you may pursue your daily objectives, big and small, with clarity and confidence!

No prior Meditation experience necessary!


“The workshops built strength in my yoga practice and in my journey in life. I came here with an open mind and left with a clear vision of my wants and dreams for my life. Alex's kind and thoughtful words helped me pinpoint and find who I really am. I learnt so much about our true Self and how to reach it through Yoga and Meditation. Plus, it was a blast!”

Sarah, 25, Lawyer

"Alex has a warm gentle soul. You feel relaxed in his presence. I am a beginner yogi. I learnt the correct form of the poses and I gained confidence of my strength and was able to do Crow Pose independently and Wheel Pose and Headstand with assist. It was thrilling."

Judy, 62, Registered Nurse

“I love yoga sessions with Alex. First, he is himself a great example of mindfulness, peacefulness, dedication and awareness. He is an inspiring character who spreads respect and kindness by the way he treats others. And second, he is a great teacher! So engaged and so supportive! Peacefully guiding, training and teaching us. With such a teacher you can actually make great progress and surprise yourself.”

Tina, 28, Economist

"Alexandros is a fantastic yoga teacher with a shining personality. I really liked his vinyasa flow and I am so grateful that thanks to his tailor-made practices I could eventually get into lotus pose and find some balance in asanas I had never tried before."

Gaelle, 27, University Administration

“Alex isn’t just the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had but one of the people I admire most in life. Not being in the same country as him anymore, I often think back to the feeling of calm and completeness his kind and playful voice created in me – and in all of us – during one of his first classes under the Bruges sky. When he says that the light in him recognises and cherishes the light in you, you truly feel his truth and warmth.
Doesn’t hurt that he’s extremely competent too!”

Lorine, 31, Lawyer

"I was so impressed at the depth of Alex's knowledge of yoga and meditation and his ability to explain this to his students. His guided meditations were amazing and left me feeling so relaxed! I found out a lot about myself and brought home new tools to add to my yoga and meditation practice."

Cathy, 56, Software Developer